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Efficient and energy-saving water supply system
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Efficient and energy-saving water supply system

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Efficient and energy-saving water supply system, mainly used to remove suspended solids, chroma, colloids, microorganisms, iron, manganese, temporary hardness, volatile substances, dissolved gases and other debris in the raw water or reduce to a certain degree to achieve drinking Water standards or industrial water standards.
The system is suitable for raw water with 15-3000mg/L and water temperature source. Its water treatment capacity is 2500 to 100,000m3/d with different scales. The water quality at the factory is in line with national standards (GB5749-25705), and the effluent turbidity is below 1NTU.
This system uses a first-level water pump to take water, automatically add coagulant and send it to a high-efficiency clarifier. After filtering through a high-efficiency Mengli particle filter, the turbidity is below 1NTL, and then automatically add chlorine oxide for sterilization and disinfection (also available in Add nitrogen before the clarification tank and add pre-oxidation to kill algae) into the clear reservoir, and the secondary spring will send the finished water to the water distribution network to meet the needs of users, and the entire process can be automatically controlled.
This process has the following advantages:
(1) Small area, saving about 50% of land than traditional crafts;
(2) Low price selection, saving investment by about 30% compared with traditional process
(3) The operating cost is 15%-20% lower than the traditional process.
(4) The turbidity of the effluent of the clarifier is less than 8mg, and the turbidity of the filtered water is 0.1-1.0NTU
(5) The adaptability is good, and it has a strong removal function for the organic matter, algae and fine sand in the raw water;
(6) Flexible operation, continuous or intermittent production,
(7) The control and turning center equipment is integrated, and the first and second pumps are controlled by two speeds. The various operating parameters are stored, displayed and printed by the central control computer, and the management is automated;

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