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Jiangsu pneumatic pump dredging system
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Jiangsu pneumatic pump dredging system

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1、Video link for new technology of deep water dredging   2、Video link for introduction of environmental protection dredging of Zhouzhuang pneumatic pump

Working principle
1. Inhalation
When the pump body starts to work under water. With the opening of the inlet valve, mud, sand, small stones and other materials will quickly enter the pump body under the action of gravity and head pressure. The flow rate of the material into the pump changes with the change of water depth. When the water depth is within 7 meters (reference value), additional vacuum equipment is required to ensure the material suction flow rate.
2. Discharge materials
The material in the pump body is continuously squeezed by compressed air, and the pump body is discharged from the discharge pipe.
3. Exhaust decompression
When the material in the pump body is exhausted, the discharge valve closes automatically, and the exhaust valve opens at the same time, the compressed air is discharged from the pump body, and the next working cycle is continued.
Application range
A. Dredging works
1. River dredging
2. Reservoir dredging
3. Clear the waterway
4. Port dredging and slope cutting
5. Clean up the dock
6. Deep sea dredging
7. Land reclamation
8. Buried pipeline cables underwater
B. Fixed delivery and booster pump
1. Booster pump, long-distance transportation
2. Barge unloading mud
3. Waste discharge from tunnel excavation
4. Mine waste discharge
5. Extraction of industrial waste residues and wastewater
6. Conveying mineral materials
7. Mine pumping and drainage
8. Cement and mortar transmission
System Features
Simple structure; easy operation; less wear on components; high production efficiency; large digging depth; no pollution in operation; good flexibility; high discharge concentration; long discharge distance.
Model parameters  
Model Maximum sludge discharge volume (m3/h) Maximum dredging depth (m) Mud lift (m) Discharge horizontal distance (m)
SJS40 40 150 5 500
SJS80 80 150 5 500
SJS120 120 150 5 500
SJS180 180 150 5 500
SJS360 360 150 5 500
SJS600 600 150 5 500
Patent, award certificate

Jiangyin Lingang New City No. 5 Port Filling Project

Taihu Ecological Desilting Demonstration Project

Dredging project of Wanzhou section of the Three Gorges reservoir area

Slope removal and desilting project under Shanggang container terminal


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